Hey, hey, hey! Here i am, again… So, i’ve came to tell you all about the AWESOME cake i’ve made this weekend for one of my friend’s birthday!

Last year, i made him a Mario’s Mushrooms cake, with some help of my BFF, girlfriend of the birthday boy :D

Here’s a picture of that cake:

But this year, we couldn’t just make another Mario cake, furthermore, it was also the birthday of another boy who came into the group early this year… So we decided (My BFF and I) to make this year cake with a Dragon Ball theme…

And it end up some like this:

It took me two days to make everything, and the lace of the radar broke five minutes before i put it on the cake! But in the end everything when out perfect :D

Here’s a close up of the radar that didn’t work (we move around the balls and the signals didn’t move XD) and the balls :D

I’m so proud! They look adorable! ♥


I’m out! Bye!



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