I can’t find it anywhere! I’m about to collapse! u_u



Sooo! I have the best weekend in a long long time. I went to Esperanza to hang out with my old school friends and show them my not so new yet totally amazing cooking skills :D

Here’s a picture of our dinner:

Everything went as planned and i have lots of fun, i already miss those girls again, and i don’t know when i’m gonna see them again u_u

But anyways, life goes on, and i’m back to my routine again! SUCKS! But it is what it is, and i have to deal with it!

Out! Peace!


Ok, ‘till now i’ve only posted song lyrics, and I’m not sure what to say now…  I know right now nobody is reading this blog, but that’s because I haven’t show it to nobody…

When i can find a good purpose to the blog, I’ll make sure that everybody knows about it.

But for now let’s just concentrate on what i came here for. Introduce myself.


Hi everybody (Who is she tlkin’ to?) My name is Lucrecia, but on the internet I rather be called Lilith. Right now I’m 20 years old, and ‘till now I’ve done nothing with my life.

I absolutely LOVE music, I play drums (or at least i try to XD) and I like almost every type or style of music, but I hate those bands that doesn’t make NEW music… I HATE THEM!

I love cooking, I’ve always loved it, thanks to my aunt that teach me a lot about it when I was a little girl. Now i’m learning everything I can at this place called IGA, and I hope that leads to something good.

I’m really shy (internet doesn’t count), I have no idea how to start conversations or make new friends. Besides I don’t like making new friends… Or talk to people at all.

And… I think that’s all you need to know for now..